Get customised silver kadas made by the best artisans. From intricate and ornate pieces to a simple daily wear Kada, our range includes the best variety. Anand Jewellers has a team of the most skilled karigars, artisans specialising in authentic Indian handicrafts. Each piece is a translation of our rich heritage into carefully created pieces that can jazz up any outfit that you pick. We also have several designs dedicated to tribal patterns and techniques for those who love rustic, yet elegant accessories. These pieces pick the most intriguing patterns that make for great conversational pieces that are a class apart. While we are focussed on keeping ancient jewellery making techniques alive, we keep in mind the taste and preferences of our urban customers as well. These designs have a contemporary touch as well, giving you the perfect accessories that you can pair up with your ethnic and formal wear with equal grace. At Anand Jewellers, purity is our trademark. We only use the purest grade of silver so that you get your full money’s worth. Using state of the art machinery and technology, we remove any impurities from our raw material before transforming them into breath-taking masterpieces. Our line of silver kadas is light and comfortable to wear. We also provide make-to-order options to give customers exactly what they visualise. All you have to do is upload pictures of samples and designs that you love, and our skilled artisans will make the exact replica for you. That way, there is a part of you in every Kada or piece of jewellery that you own. From plain silver kadas to one with detailed stone embellishments, we make them all. Staying true to our motto, “Happiness for All”, we make sure that our range of silver kadas includes something for everyone.