Payals or anklets have always been a quintessential jewellery accessory worn by women for ages. Wearing a dainty, stylish, silver Payal help women make a style statement. Although this piece of jewellery is traditional and was worn by women in ancient times, it is still in vogue. Modern women love adorning their feet with lovely Payals in gleaming 925 pure silver jewellery. Premium Collection Anand Jeweller has carved a niche for its remarkable collection of silver jewellery. Our premium range of silver Payal consists of simple designs as well as engraved plain and tribal designs. Depending on your choice, select from among simple, plain, engraved, stonework, and other designs that adds to your style. We have come up with a magnificent selection of modern, lightweight designs that are perfectly suitable for modern women. Our designers match pace with changing jewellery trends and design jewellery pieces keeping in mind the latest trends and evolving choices. Trained Artisans At Anand Jewellers, we focus on the quality of the products. Our staff is highly trained in silver fabrication work and comes up with unique and stunning jewellery. We have created an eclectic collection that is a blend of traditional designs and modern designs. Some silver payals come encrusted with stones while some are available in tribal designs. Some of the designs are evergreen and stay in vogue even in fast-changing times. High-Quality “Happiness For All” is our firm belief and motto, and the same is reflected in our quality and service. We deal in high-quality and 92.5 purity standards silver jewellery and ensure that our clients love our products and feel happy wearing it. Our exquisite craftsmanship and use of the latest technology in jewellery crafting is evident in the quality of our work. When looking for stunning silver Payal, look no further than Anand Jewellers- a name synonymous with quality, precision, trust, and happiness.